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Now that you are ready to start investing, take a moment to invest in your success.

Why hire a coach? Mainly, accountability. If you are looking to get fit, hire a personal trainer. Need to learn more about healthy eating, book an appointment with a dietician. In the same way, Candice will propel your success, by holding you accountable to the goals you set, and being there for you, to answer all of the questions you will have along the way, as you invest in rent to own real estate investing.
We will cover these main topics in detail:

1. Goals and Values

2. Why Rent to Own? Which rent to own strategy is right for you?

3. Building your Team

4. Cashflow and Profit calculations

4. Finding and Qualifying Tenants, including forms and agreements.

5. Purchasing the Property

6. Sale of the Property to the Tenant
Due to the intense nature of the coaching, Candice will only accept a few students at a time. Please contact Candice’s team as soon as possible to book your spot.